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I write fiction. At the moment I am focused on stories for middle grade kids. On the side I tweet and keep up with friends and fans via Facebook. I am a resident geek at an elementary school. Bring me your young'uns. I'll learn'em the internet!

In a previous life, I owned a Yacht and Boat Charter web site

The strong, upward trend in booking travel on the internet made me realize that boat charters are the next great thing people will book online. Since we love boating, and live and work in one of the most spectacular fishing, diving, sailing and cruising areas of the world, we were uniquely positioned to begin offering boat charters on the web. Here in Florida, boating is a year-round obsession. We are happy to bring visitors the boating experience locally, or anywhere in the world.

For our German and Spanish (and English) speaking customers around the world, we offer support in their native languages and an unbridled enthusiasm for their boating happiness.

Two Fins Web Design & Internet Marketing
I got started in internet marketing in 1998.
I think my technical background (B.S. Computer and Information Systems, Syracuse University) coupled with my MBA (Marketing, International Business) make me uniquely suited to helping businesses use technology to a strategic advantage.

My previous work in field sales introduced to me to many different industries. It's just better for my clients when I can relate to their priorities.

My creative side, along with continuing education in the graphics arts, helped me design engaging web sites. See some of my web design work at


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