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Meet the characters of Finn's Car

  • Finn loves soccer
    Kart racing propels fifteen-year-old Finn and friends to the Monaco Grand Prix at speeds over 60 mph. Besides designing and building the kart, going out for the soccer team, getting a driver's license, and investigating who's sabotaging the karts, Finn's meets a girl. Will he survive ninth grade?

Meet the Characters of Finn's Ship

  • Aymee
    Finn and best friend Burrito travel to Germany to solve a mystery two steps ahead of the strange and sweaty Herr Schmidt. Cousins Bruno and Red and her friend Katje help him uncover clues until Aimee allows them to find a key that will reveal a treasure, one which Finn may not want to claim.
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Finn's Car
Finns Ship_cover_front_th
Finn's Ship

Praise for Finn's Car

I felt like I was hanging out with my best buds while reading Finn’s Car.  Fifteen-year-old Finn and his friends are that enjoyable, that much fun.

My recommendation? Hop aboard, strap on your seat belt and leave the driving to Finn. Fast cars (of the go-kart variety), mystery, a touch of romance and Florida-to-Monte-Carlo adventures await!

-- Greg Taylor, author of Killer Pizza