> Meet the characters of Finn's Car

Kart racing propels fifteen-year-old Finn and friends to the Monaco Grand Prix at speeds over 60 mph. Besides designing and building the kart, going out for the soccer team, getting a driver's license, and investigating who's sabotaging the karts, Finn's meets a girl. Will he survive ninth grade?

Finn loves soccer

Fifteen-year-old Finn will race a Grand Prix hybrid go-kart inches off the track at over 60 mph. Besides trying to make the soccer team and get a driver's license, Finn meets a girl. Will he survive ninth grade?

Burrito at school

Burrito is a lacrosse goalie who also plays for the school soccer team. Best friends since pre-school, he and Finn had an amazing adventure in Germany last summer seeking lost treasure. Burrito is best known for "The Donkey Laugh."

Parminder at lunch

Parminder gets top grades and plays varsity soccer, even though she's a freshman, like Finn. She was born in India and moved to the US. Her parents want her to pick a serious career like medicine or engineering.

Axel at virtual school

One of the top kart racers in the country, Axel attends virtual school when he's not playing video games or guitar. His karting victories take him to Portugal and Dubai to race internationally. His mom comes from Sweden and his father is American. Axel plans to pilot Formula One cars someday. The chance to compete at the Karting Monaco Grand Prix would be a dream come true.